Friday, April 22, 2011


Nyan Nyan Cat
PLEASE watch the video before reading the rest.

Yes. It does have the body of a pop tart.
I really don't get it, But it was stuck in my head so I thought I would post it....
Here is the link to me and my Englishman's cap:
You will get the username and password for it an an e-mail. (sorry but my mom wouldn't let me put up picture of my self without having it "protected")Oh yeah, Henry, Riley, could you please put in your comment how to post the little survey-thingy?
Oh wait a sec, Let me go get a cracker. *stands up and almost immediately trips on the little piece of wood that sticks out of the desk and falls flat on her face, then limps quickly over to the pantry to grab a box of wheat thins and limp quietly back to take a seat in front of the evil computer that deleted all of her pictures for no apparent reason and nibbles on a cracker.*WHAT?! I did NOT fall. The floor looked at me funny so I used my Awesome Ninja Skills to attack it!I don't care if I got kicked out of the Secret Ninja Association just because I fell down the stairs! I DID NOT FALL!!!!!!!!
I don't know why, But I just really want pancakes. and Ice Cream sandwiches. and Toast. Let's just say I'm hungry.
I am going to go eat cookies.


  1. Awesome Ninja! did you draw that?
    to post the little survey thingy, you go into your blog's dashboard and on the page layout, there should be a little button(or a few little buttons) that say\says Add A Gadget, click on it, it should open up a little window, then just scroll down and hit Poll. I'm hungry too.

  2. I WISH I'd drawn that.No, I found it on the internet. And you can be sure to see a poll of some random sort very soon....Thanks!