Friday, April 29, 2011

I have now completed my collection of Superchick (My favorite Band) CD's. I got the last one in the mail today! Amazon Rocks!
Today ( or really last night) I drew my first dragon with Ram's horns! Yay!

We went to the doctor yesterday...never fun when they prick your finger. My dcotor mad me waddle like a duck...(speaking of which:
My brother is having health issues. Last year we went to the doctor and he weighed about 130 pounds. This year He weighed 124. He should have gained weight, not lost! and he said he weighed 128 about 2 months ago. sometimes he eats and then throws up later. That happens alot. He used to be able to eat and entire pizza, but a couple days ago he had 1 piece and he got sick. The doctor is afraid of Anemia, which is similar to anorexia, only the person doesn't mean to lose so much weight. The doctor also suspects that ( to explain, he had some birth issues and had to ave surgery on his stomach, not exactly sure why...) anyways, they think that there was some scar tissue form the surgery and it just hasn't shown up or made any difference yet. They said that if he continued to lose weight, take him back to the doctor in a month.
I have a rash on my side(I don't know what to call goes from my hip to my thigh) It's making it hard to sleep.

Isn't it funny how there is so much more bad news than good news? That's life for ya'.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Mercedes Benz.....A Beautiful Sports car.....Expensive.....A Tractor?

That's Right! It's a Tractor! The tractor you see here is a genuine Mercedes Benz Tractor. You cane see the little Mercedes Sign that you see on cars....Here is a list of a bunch of tractor or things hauled by tractors that sound like other things!

Tractors that Sound like cars:

Mercedes Benz

Tractors that sound like animals:

Bushhog ( yes, I know this isn't a tractor)
Kioti(we actually have this tractor!)

Tractors that Sound just plain weird(and funny):

One armed Bandit(this is NOT tractor either, but I had to put it up)
King cutter
Deutz(I crack up every time I say it!)
Silver King
Supersnoopy(yes, this is REAL)
TracTractor(I love this...)
Volvo(aren't they a company that makes DVD players?)
Yeoman of England(this is especially funny because we have a goat name Yeoman!)
I hope I made you chuckle!

Friday, April 22, 2011


Nyan Nyan Cat
PLEASE watch the video before reading the rest.

Yes. It does have the body of a pop tart.
I really don't get it, But it was stuck in my head so I thought I would post it....
Here is the link to me and my Englishman's cap:
You will get the username and password for it an an e-mail. (sorry but my mom wouldn't let me put up picture of my self without having it "protected")Oh yeah, Henry, Riley, could you please put in your comment how to post the little survey-thingy?
Oh wait a sec, Let me go get a cracker. *stands up and almost immediately trips on the little piece of wood that sticks out of the desk and falls flat on her face, then limps quickly over to the pantry to grab a box of wheat thins and limp quietly back to take a seat in front of the evil computer that deleted all of her pictures for no apparent reason and nibbles on a cracker.*WHAT?! I did NOT fall. The floor looked at me funny so I used my Awesome Ninja Skills to attack it!I don't care if I got kicked out of the Secret Ninja Association just because I fell down the stairs! I DID NOT FALL!!!!!!!!
I don't know why, But I just really want pancakes. and Ice Cream sandwiches. and Toast. Let's just say I'm hungry.
I am going to go eat cookies.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Merry Pancakes!

Sadly, today I am sick. actually I have been sick since Sunday, but it has been like an on/off sickness. Different symptoms, different days.OH I have been meaning to tell you all about my trip to the Official Loch Norman Highland Games In Charlotte.(Pauses to take a deep breath). There, I bought my first......( wait a second, where's my drum roll?!............Ah that's much better.)Where I bought my first......Official...........ENGLISHMAN"S CAP!!! Call me crazy for using a drum roll for that, but it wouldn't be very original. Anywho, tomorrow(or later today) I will put up a link of me in my Englishman cap. Please take note that it is Englishman's. not any ordinary hat. Also take not that it is a cap, NOT a hat.There is a difference.(not that I really know what it is....)
Today I went on and searched "ninjas". The computer told me "ninjas cannot be found" Well played, ninjas, well played.....
Merry kittens to all, and to all good pancakes!(idk)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dragons Like Ketchup

Ok.............This is gonna be fun.........
Everyone who can see this already knows who I am and what a totally weird person I am.( at least compared to perfectly normal people).Hmmmmm...............I can't think of anything amusing in my life....... so instead will put humorous quotes instead:

--A flash of light, a cloud of dust, and what was the question?-Unknown

--The Wheel's spinning, But the Hamster's asleep!-Unknown

--Doesn't have the brainpower to toast a crouton--Unknown

--Boldly Going Nowhere-Unknown

--Go away before I taunt you a second time!--Monty Python and the Holy Grail

--Hello, My name is Inigo Montoya, You killed my father, prepare to die!-Inigo Montoya, The Princess Bride

--Inconceivable!-Vizzini(the Sicilian), The Princess Bride

--Do not Meddle in the affairs of Dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup-Unknown

That last one HAS to be my Favorite.