Friday, April 29, 2011

I have now completed my collection of Superchick (My favorite Band) CD's. I got the last one in the mail today! Amazon Rocks!
Today ( or really last night) I drew my first dragon with Ram's horns! Yay!

We went to the doctor yesterday...never fun when they prick your finger. My dcotor mad me waddle like a duck...(speaking of which:
My brother is having health issues. Last year we went to the doctor and he weighed about 130 pounds. This year He weighed 124. He should have gained weight, not lost! and he said he weighed 128 about 2 months ago. sometimes he eats and then throws up later. That happens alot. He used to be able to eat and entire pizza, but a couple days ago he had 1 piece and he got sick. The doctor is afraid of Anemia, which is similar to anorexia, only the person doesn't mean to lose so much weight. The doctor also suspects that ( to explain, he had some birth issues and had to ave surgery on his stomach, not exactly sure why...) anyways, they think that there was some scar tissue form the surgery and it just hasn't shown up or made any difference yet. They said that if he continued to lose weight, take him back to the doctor in a month.
I have a rash on my side(I don't know what to call goes from my hip to my thigh) It's making it hard to sleep.

Isn't it funny how there is so much more bad news than good news? That's life for ya'.

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