Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Today is Brian's 18th Birthday!!!!! YAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm going away (again)

This picture is a tribute to my brother, Who is going to Wake Tech Community College this fall. He is going to go into Heavy equipment. Now do you understand? It's kinda funny. Even Brian chuckled.
SO. I am going to Summer camp on Sunday, I am leaving right after Meeting.
ugh. My mom just told me I have to go learn my new math lesson. And I repeat. UGH.
Oh well. I will talk more when I can.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

YAY(for reasons unknown)

(I could keep this up half the day, I did once, actually)
OK.SO. (Really!?)
BUSCH GARDENS. I went there. I had a ton of fun and got an awesome shirt that said loch ness monster 'cause that was one of the rides and it has this huge eveil-looking dragon on it. (yes, eveil)
Anyways, I rode a bunch of ride with my friend. who actually took the aura color quiz. she's a violet. I am part Violet. I will post what violets are as soon as I finish typing it up....... It takes forever. Now listen, peoples: I really want you to take this quiz for mainly 3 reasons: #1: Because If any of you are fellow Violets That would be really, really cool.; #2 Because the aura thingy is really cool and helped me alot along with the rest of my family as to how to deal with myself and stay"in power";#3 because It will give me a chance to learn all about you so I can sneak into your house at night and watch you sleep...........You didn't hear that last bit.
Taking the quiz is easy. Answer the questions. The more yes answers, the more likely you are to be that color. Then you post you color in the comment box one my blog; hey, post in on your own blog if you want to! Then I will type up your color and you can learn all about yourself. If you seriously don't want to that's fine. Just say so and I will stop bringing it up. I won't be offeneded, but if you DO want to do it or , like, have something to fill your time up, then just take it. Like I said, It's EASY.
NOW. next order of business.
This is a website I made to earn a girl scout thingy that makes it possible to do a bigger girl scout thingy(so, if you see a amphibian fair thingy in Chatham county, please come)anyways, here is the link:
PLEASE send it to your friends. I don't care how. The point is, spread thye word if this website is any good(which I hope it is)
I have to go. More in the morning.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I really have to go to the bathroom right now but I am waiting for my borther to get out. I
am sorry but I have to make this quick. I am going to busch gardens for the next four days with a friend. I REALLY have to go now......