Saturday, January 28, 2012

Check out my new blog. I'm hoping the link works, because some of the people who look at this blog cannot get an invite e-mail. (JONIE)<-------That's your name, Jonie. It's a rather nice name. Jonie is Hebrew for "God is gracious".
Seems accurate.
BTW I got the whole Hindi thing fixed. Turns out there was a button that had some Hindi letters on it and at first I clicked the little arrow next to it and it gave me a list of Hind, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu. I then clicked the actual little Hindi letters and it said "Type in Hindi" but now it doesn't........Oh well. It's fixed now.
also, This is pretty cool and rather accurate. It's alright ti give it you gender. It asks for no more personal info. It's OK if ya'll don't want to do it, it's bit long, But I am obsessed with myslef and therefore awesome. This is what type I am.
I find it very accurate.
Enjoy the ice cream.


Friday, January 20, 2012
थिस इस हिलरिऔस्!!!!!!!Link

Now you see what I put up with. I said “this is Hilarious!!!!!”

Which it is.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

OH MY GOSH I still had to write this on word and copy and paste… *sadness*

Anyways, I’m stealing an idea from my friend Riley…..But I’m gonna post what I think about every day.

NOTE: These are just the order that I thought of them in( as opposed to…umm, here’s an example। I say 1. Penguins. I do not think about penguins the most every day. It’s just that I happened to think of penguins right then.)

MOVING ON. The list of things I think about every day:

1. My Piano

2. Food/eating

3. My Music

4. Music

5. My stories/lyrics

6. My art

7. Cheese (NO I’M SERIOUS)

8. My photography (I’m pretty vain so far…)

9. Stuff on the internet(for instance, facebook, my blog, my fanfiction account)

10. My handwriting (it sucks)

11. My schoolwork

12. My crush

13. Astrology

14. My goats/rabbit/fish (pets)

15. Greek/Greece

16. The shape of my hands

17. My Wii (I forgot to say that I got it for Christmas!!!)

18. Card games

19. Cats

20. My friends (Riley, Henry, Lora, Emma, Eliza, Ryan, Myra)

21. My computer

22. Girl Scouts

23. Birds

24. Reading

Well, that’s my list………… I’m going to go eat something…….I’m really hungry……then again I am a teenager…..ugh….



Have you met me? I’m talking about music and not showing you? Here are some songs. I don’t even know if you guys even listen to the music, but heads up, in the 3rd song, the guy singing looks really funny, but in the telephone booth he looks like Harrison ford o.O


Monday, January 16, 2012

TOP: My clean and Christmasy decorated room.

NOT TOP: A chair I got for $3 at the Thrift shop. :D

I actually had to type this on Microsoft Word and copy and paste to the blog thingy.

Why? Because Every time I would finish a word on the blog typing box, Every time I would hit space, the word I just typed would immediately turn into Hindu Words. o_O