Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I have bad news.........Seamas(pronounced shae-mess), my cat, died this morning.He was 16 years old, so it's no surprise, but it's still sad. I have known him all my life, since we got him before I was born. He was pretty much my first best friend. If he wanted you to pet him he would lick your feet. And if he liked how you were petting him he would lick you more. He was a pleasant nuisance......I'll miss him being there every morning to mew at me and lick my feet.

Monday, August 29, 2011

at the WV state fair, Zim(my goat, in case you had forgotten) and I did pretty good....
I won Shomanship, and Zim got first in her class and 5th in Udder show. Also, my dreaded cousin Aaron tagged along and I found myself hating him immensely. Guess what? It was so cold we both got to sleep in the truck, and in case you didn't know, Aaron(I also call him powder monkey and Skunk boy, but I am too lazy to explain why) Anyways, Powder Monkey here farts in his sleep. And snores. Fun.I was lucky though, because one my friends did come! Although Ryan came with his big brother who was showing cows, He will probably be at the State Fair showing Alpines.
Well, that's about it.........oh yeah, Happy Birthday to Lora, who doesn't look at this blog very often but her 13th birthday was on Saturday.

Friday, August 26, 2011


and earthquake hit a couple days ago...............did you hear a rumbling? it originated in Virgina, and it echoed here. we thought it was the washing machine, but no.
go here also:
that's all for now.....

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I GET TO GO TO THE WV STATE FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AYAYAYAYAYYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The West Virginia State Fair is the AWESOMEST FAIR EVAH.
No really, THe WV Fair is big and full of rides and animals(including goats) but it feels small and homey. It doesn't feel as dangerous or cluttered as NC State fair.Plus, we are very near the animal races(pig, horse, dog)as well as the bunny cages(yes, bunnies). The only bad part is that none of my Goat friends will be going........*sadness*oh well. anyways, I will be showing goats until Sunday. I'm leaving tomorrow morning.I clipped Zim yesterday, o now she looks all nice and smooth.One of the best things(sorry) about showing goats is the prize money. They give a LOT of it out. and I am entered in several classes. That should help with college.
anyways, I''m eating a Ritz cracker right now and enjoying it immensely.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


a long time ago I promised to post the other half of this. now I am.(There's a summary at the bottom, in case all these words get on your nerves)


Violets are the inspirational visionaries, leaders, and teachers who are here to help save the planet. Most Violets feel drawn to educate the masses, to inspire (I have always been drawn to that word, oddly enough) higher ideals, or to help save people, animals, and the environment. Violets have an inner sense that they are here to do something important, that their destiny is greater than that of the average person. Most have felt this way since childhood, when they imagined becoming famous or traveling the world. Many of these charismatic personalities take on roles as leaders and teachers (as I have); others prefer to reach people through music (as I hope), film, or other art forms. Being visionaries, Violets can literally see the future in their minds eye. They process life through their third eye or inner vision. They often speak in visual terms such as “I see” “I envision” or “I have a dream” they can see a work of art done before they completed before they begin creating it, A house built before they design it, and the results of a project before they start working on it. They can see the future results of anything they focus upon- from fashion trends to music trends to the fate of the world. Violets that are in power and in touch with their vision can see what must happen to ensure the survival of the planet, and they have a message to pass along to humanity. When they are not yet in touch with what the message is, it is because they are not centered or quiet enough inside to hear it. Violets know they are here to do something significant. However, they aren’t always sure what that something is or how to accomplish it. Many Violets were taught as children that their dreams and aspirations were unrealistic, so they have lost touch with their original visions (I remember something that was important to me, but I remember thinking it was silly after I told my mom….I don’t remember it now…). It is important for Violets to reconnect with their life purpose and vision and to take action. Otherwise they will always feel unfulfilled. They will always sense something is missing from their lives. They need to slow down long enough to listen to their inner voice and to connect with their higher vision. Violets are older souls. They seem to have an innate intelligence or common sense that goes beyond any formal education they may have received. They just know things. They believe that what they see is common sense. They do not understand why other people can’t see what they see( This is how I felt until I started asking around and then I read this book and found that no one I knew really understood what I was talking about). To most life colors, what Violets see is beyond their comprehension and limited sight. To those who need to understand all the facts and data in order to consider some futuristic possibility (Like my mother, whose color is Logical Tan), Violets’ visions and ideas can seem unrealistic and impractical. These visionary Violets, in their attempt to improve the quality of life on the planet, can upset those people who prefer to have their lives stay the same—Predictable and familiar. Not everyone wants a life change. Many people feel safer with the status quo. It can appear to them that Violets are threatening their current, familiar way of life. However, Violets are here to inspire and create change. They are the communicators on the planet, and they feel they must be heard the Violet age began in the mid sixties, definitely a time of social change and upheaval. Violets such as John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King Jr. so challenged the status quo that those who were upset by there visionary and radical ideals wanted them to be silenced. Violets haven’t always felt safe to express themselves around those with limited vision. Many Violets feel isolated and misunderstood even when they were children (guilty as charged). They often felt that they didn’t fit in or that they didn’t belong here. As adults, many Violets continue to feel the same way (well, that certainly makes me feel better.). They sense concepts and ideas that don’t exist yet. Even though they have few role models because their thinking tends to be ahead of the masses, it’s helpful for Violets to find mentors who can inspire them to accomplish their visions. Violets feel, or have felt in their younger years, that it’s difficult to be on the planet. The energy here can feel dense and slow to them. (Yeah, it does…) Violets are not known for their patience when they are not in power (in fact, when I’m not “in power” I am known for my impatience:}). They want to accomplish their dreams and visions now. Frequently, they even want to finish people’s sentences for them (I’ve actually gotten pretty good at that, I know what they are going to say before they say it, and if they can’t find and accurate word, I, uh, help them…) Until they learn to see the bigger picture and trust that their visions will manifest, Violets can experience a great deal of frustration. Violet’s life can sometimes be more intense, dramatic, and challenging than other aura colors. Violets seem to take on bigger challenges than the average person does. However, when a Violet’s life is finally fulfilled, the payoffs are usually bigger or more profound than the average person. Violets have extraordinary depth and compassion. Their compassion tends to extend worldwide. Watching a program about starving children in Africa can overwhelm them emotionally, often inspiring them to become involved and make changes. Violets in power are very passionate about the cause they believe in. Violets are also very passionate about music, which can move them to ecstasy or to tears. It is best for these musical connoisseurs to listen to –or create—positive, empowering, and inspiring music or calming and centering music (now I understand why I like Superchick so much…). If the lyrics are angry and negative or the music nerve shattering, they will become irritable, confused, and fragmented. Violets’ energy and moods are greatly affected by music. Violets are the communicators on the planet, and for them, music is the universal language, but they need to be aware of the messages they are hearing or sending through music. These visionaries also love to travel (YES!!!).{Since Violets are here to save they planet, they need to see and understand the planet they are here to save.} Their careers and lifestyles must afford them the freedom to travel or they will become frustrated and feel limited and unfulfilled. Traveling the world and exploring other cultures broadens their horizons and expand their understanding. Violets travel to learn and to be inspired. Although some life colors process analytically and mentally, needing to understand every step in the process as they go, Violets see the bigger picture. They see step one to step fifty without necessarily seeing all the steps in between. If they trust their vision, Violets know that step fifty will occur, though they don't always know what it will take to accomplish it. What Violets want to accomplish often seems to be too grandiose, two unrealistic. If they can stay focused and in power, however, they will inspire and earn respect of those around them when their dreams actually manifest. To begin the process of creating their dreams, Violets just need to listen to their inner guidance and take whatever steps they do know how to take. It is then that the next step will appear or be revealed to them. When Violets are in power, many coincidences and synchronicities seem to occur in their lives. People are often amazed at the seemingly magical circumstances that can occur for Violets. Violets need to accomplish their life mission her or they will experience deep regrets, always wondering what their live could have been like if only they had taken chances. Violets are very affected by their environment. If they are around people who have a limited perception of life, Violets can start believing in and living that kind of life. If Violets dream of developing a new career, it is helpful for them to start associating with others involved in that kind of work. That way their dreams will seem more realistic. In other words, if Violets want to be artists or writers, they need to attend art or writing classes, associate with artists and writers, .etc. etc. Violets have a charismatic and magnetic energy, and people are drawn to them (you have no idea how annoying that can be!). Violets love to be the center of attention. They are natural performer*(If they also have Yellow, Blue or Tan in their auras, they may feel conflict regarding being the center of attention. Because Yellow, Blue and Tan tend to be more quiet or shy than Violets, they often prefer to stay in the background.)*.When Violets write, speak or perform, energy and information literally channel through them. The information seems to come from a higher source, touching and inspiring anyone who hears it. Afterward, Violets feel larger than life, full of energy and power. Even though Violets can appear to be quite social and gregarious at times, they prefer to have intelligent conversations with people rather than meaningless gossip or chatter about the weather. Violets do no need hundreds of friends who could take up their valuable time. Instead, they prefer to have a few quality friends, who inspire and connect with them on a deeper level. When Violets are out of power, they can become narcissistic, arrogant, and judgmental, thinking that they are better than everyone else is. They can become impatient (well, that’s true) and critical of other people’s apparent lack of vision and intelligence. They can also develop tyrannical personalities and love to be idolized by their “subjects”. It is difficult for people to be in the presence of such self-important Violets. When Violets are in power, they are much more accepting and compassionate towards others. They allow others to follow their own paths while they follow theirs, knowing that everyone has a direction and a life purpose. To stay centered, Violets need to keep a clear perspective of their roles in the larger universal scheme. They need to remember that they are part of the whole, that everyone has a valuable and important role to play, and that everyone is here for a unique experience. Not everyone is here to accomplish the same mission as the Violets’. If Violets can realize that everyone is part of the same greatness, the awareness can prevent them from becoming critical, arrogant, and self-absorbed. If Violets can trust their vision, it will guide them forward. Out of power, however, Violets can become scattered and overwhelmed. When they don’t trust their vision, they see too many possibilities. Either then they will try to accomplish all of them at once, or they will become mentally paralyzed, unable to do any. Violets can not be told to limit their visions, but they and be encouraged to focus on no more than 2 or 3 at a time. This focus enables them to be more effective. Focused Violets are powerful and inspiring. When Violets do not trust their vision, they can lose touch with it and become lost or confused again. Taking time to focus and meditate will help Violets get in touch with their vision. Listening to empowering or beautiful music, mentally surrounding themselves with the color violet, and meditating are valuable tools for keeping Violets centered. The universe will support the Violets on their path almost magically and effortlessly opening all doors for them. Violets know that this is the way the universe naturally operates. Although many life colors cling to the belief that life is hard work struggle, Violets in power can teach us to trust the universal flow and guidance. Violets tend to be independent and less reliant on relationships than most aura colors. Because Violets are here to have an impact on the planet, they want partners and friends who will create their visions with them and share similar paths. Violets want equality, inspiration, passion, and communication in their relationships. They want partners and friend who are willing to travel with them or at least understand and support their need to travel. In power, Violets can be very understanding and accepting and can usually get along with most aura colors. Blues feel free to cry with the deep and compassionate Violets. Greens are allowed to be strong and temperamental, and even controlling. Violets will often listen to and respect the Greens, and then they choose what they *(the Violets)* want anyway. Because Violets feel different form other people, it can take them awhile to find partners and friends who are equals, who understand them, and who are not intimidated by their power, vision and independence. Violets are highly charismatic and this makes most other people want to be around them. However, although the Violet enjoys being the center of attention, they can find this behavior very annoying. Violet children seem to have advanced wisdom. It’s common for these “older souls” to give advice to their parents and to intuitively know information that is well beyond their years. Parents need to remember to encourage them to believe in themselves. These visual Violet children often love artwork and reading. They also love music. Playing soothing music is a good way to calm intense Violet children. Because Violet children have such unique visual perception, they are often able to see energies others have long since learned not to see. Violets are often the first to see auras, spirits, angels, fairies, other dimensions, or energy waves. Violets often have premonitions. If Violet children say they see or sense something, it is better for parents to encourage them to describe what they see than to belittle their active imaginations. Because parents do not often believe their Violet children, Violets often learned at a young age to shut down or fear their amazing visionary or clairvoyant abilities. The most common occupations for Violets are as follows: Performer (actor, singer, musician)Artist, Writer, Designer, Producer, Director, Photographer, Psychologist, Lawyer, Business Owner, Teacher, Leader, Astronaut, Futurist, Travel Agent, Quantum Physicist.
I am inspriational. I have dreams. I see stuff other people don't see.People think I'm crazy for having these dreams. Music is GREAT for me.I have to be careful not to get too vain.I am independent, compassionate and powerful.I like to be the center of attention.I love traveling to learn.I am impatient.So yeah.that's about it.

To be honest, I feel more drawn to my Violet aspect.
well, seeya later.....
I'm sleepy....