Monday, August 20, 2012

I just got back from the West Virginia State Fair, did pretty well...
Zim got 1st and Curly got third....
My friends, Ryan and Myra, weren't there..... :(
However, Aaron, my cousin, did come, as we knew my friends wouldn't be there and I didn't want to be completely lonely.
But I didn't enjoy hanging out with Aaron the whole time.
So much that I was forced to be outgoing.
So much that I was forced to make friends with someone else named Aaron.
No, really.
There was a boy and his sister at the pens next to us, and they looked lonely, and the sister, Niki, who was 13, had won he costume class, so I went and congratulated her. And later, the brother, Aaron, who was 15, gave me a pair of concert tickets that they weren't going to use. The concert was really neat, although it was all christian music.....
Either way, we started hanging out, although Niki actually did have a friend to hang out with so we didn't hang so much with her.
So I made new friends :)

Saturday, August 11, 2012


I went to Greece for 16 days.
It was wonderful. It was simply wonderful.
I took 2500 pictures. The family I traveled with had two cameras, and they also took lots of pictures, but I don't know how many yet.
I got to be the middle man, since Alex and Nicole(Sibling in the family I traveled with--Alex was 11 and Nicole was 10, they fought a lot.)
I compiled a list of things about Greece that I thought were interesting...

1. You have to put 4 clothes pins on each shirt to keep it from blowing away
2. You tell a one way street by the direction the parked cras are facing
3. No one cares if you park on the sidewalk, or park anywhere erracticly
4. The ocean is actually BLUE. In most places, you can see straight to the bottom even if it's 20 feet down.Also, there are no waves.
5. Most beaches are pebble beaches.
6. Adults don't mind if their kids are naked on the beach
7. "Tavern" (Or "Taverna") Doesn't imply beer
8. In most places, you are required to throw your toilet paper into a can, not the toilet
9.Life doesn't start until after dark, and even toddlers will often stay up past midnight
10.  Liquid comes in bottles that are regular sized for here AND bottles that are 1 1/2 times ths size, and it's normal to get the bigger one.
11.Shops close at 1:00 PM and open up again at 5:00 PM
12. Most Greeks haven't climbed Olympus...But I did!
13. Most Greeks are very relaxed and easygoing, and prefer the beach any day to sports.
14. They offer you shots of alcohol whether or not you are of age
15. Most Greeks skip breakfast
16. Meat and/or cheese stuffed into flaky bread is the most common thing to find
17. Porcelain holes in the ground are just as common as toilets...And they are used for the same thing.
18. In a lot of places, you can drive 30 minutes in any direction and hit either the beach or the mountains
19. Monasteries are everywhere, and also icons. You can buy an icon anywhere, and you will often see them hanging in even offices.
20. Children and adults will play all sorts of instruments on the street.
21. Graffiti is EVERYWHERE. Except (oddly enough) the bathrooms....
22. Most bathroom stalls use old style keys that you just leave in the lock.
23. Scooters are referred to as "Papakia" or "Little Ducks"
24. There are rarely big cars, it is mostly Papakia and tiny cars due to the small streets
25. Many Papaki riders wear their helmets on their elbow, since in Greece it's required to have a helmet WITH you, not necessarily on you.
26. Papaki riders weave in and out of traffic as much as they like, even though it's illegal.
27. The sidewalk are either two feet wide or fifteen feet.
28. Most houses and restaurants have linoleum or tiled floors.
29. Wood is more expensive than stone
30. Magnum Ice Cream is very popular.

So yeah....I'll post more later..../