Thursday, January 10, 2013


53 Terrible Jokes

My favorite joke that he listed was:

"Which days of the week are the strongest?"
      "Saturday and Sunday. Because all the rest? They're week days."

      The Best Joke Ever! --Nigahiga

                             Love this so much..... 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Panic 15

Ah, that panicky moment.
Tat panicky moment when you realize that you are going to be fifteen in less than a month, and then you realize that you are already fourteen, and then you realize that you're a teenager and you wonder "Where did my life go?!?!?"
I want to be three again!!!!!
Being three was great!!!
But alas, time moves.

On the upside, this will be the first birthday since I can remember that my birthday will be on a Saturday.
I feel like I should do something special because of that.....
but what?
Doing special things to celebrate myself is not really how I usually roll.

I wanna be three again...