Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Coming to you every hour upon the hour...... ( Here is the news by ELO)
ANY....something or the other, I got back from The Loch Norman Highland Games this weekend, It was a ton of fun, but sadly I did just about nothing. Here are some pics:
First is some random viking training.
 Second is my mom shooting archery.
 Third is the dagger I bought  (not sharp, sadly)
Foruth is a REALLY AWESOME dagger that I did not buy.
Me in my Outfit
The Dragon Drawing book I bought
 A baby fuzzy dragon from the book that I drew
 In the Clan Davidson tenet (Me and my dad are Clan Davidson, My mom is Clan Lindsay)
The boots I bought the day before we left that cost me a fortune
Another dragon I drew from the book

And so..... yeah.
The other news consists of :
1.Trixie gave birth to two boys
2.Zodiac had 3 girls (WOAH) and one died.
3.Bianka has (as of yet, she might not be finished) what we think is one girl, this morning.
4.I have finished all but one of my school subjects, and all that is left that I have to do is rewrite a children's book in Greek. Harder than it sounds.
5. Since I can't legally finish my school in April, I get to go on a bunch of field trips to compensate. I'm hoping I can bring some of my friends sometimes.
6. I don't think all computer can do this, but if you can it's really awesome: Psykopaint
 7. Here is a Basilisk.

8. Muzy  once yo go here, click "see more apps". I really like Kaleidomoid, Music Maker, Brushes (love the spiderweb brush), and Music Grid.
9. We have a Nook now. What's really cool about it is that you can get Library books on it. :D
10. The Mimic Octopus Vid
11. I couldn't upload a video of me and my piano, it was taking more than two hours, so I guess there's something wrong...
12. I think that's eat.....I mean "enough....heheh....


  1. wow! sounds like you had lot of fun!
    I have been meaning to post to but the computer will not let me :(
    can't wait to see you in October

  2. I wonder why it won't let you post.....:(
    I can't wait either. This year I intend to hang out with you A LOT more than last year......I'm sorry for that, I feel really bad...
    But this year I'll make it up to you!