Saturday, April 7, 2012

Last night I went to a Good Friday church service, but mainly because my dad played Jesus.....That played with my mind a bit...
Either way, on the way home, we saw this GINORMOUS moon, and it was orange-ish...
A couple minutes after I saw it, I asked my mom why it was orange.....And this is how the following conversation ensued...
Me: Hey mom?
Mom: Yes?
Me: What causes the orangey color of the moon?
Mom: I think it's reflecting the atmosphere.
Me: Ah.
Mom: Or it could be Magic....
Me: Maybe the moon IS made of Cheese! Cheddar!
Mom: Or maybe it's blood..........*evil grin*

Yup, this is my family....
ALSO: Random song. I apologize for the bad words.....But I really like the song....: Shot IN The Dark--Within Temptation

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