Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Her Name Is Alice--Shinedown
SO this is a very awesome song that I am learning to play on the piano.
The intro is very, very easy, but I haven't figured out the rest of it, and the internet has not been helpful...
Either way, Now I am eager to watch the movie. (The new version of Alice in Wonderland) Even though I don't generally watch creepy movies.
What's weird is that I used to like more gentle forms of pop songs, but lately I have really been enjoying types of powerful rock songs..... I don't mind though. Good music is good music, and man do I love my music.
So now I have finished my school but don't tell the government that. Basically, (so that we don't annoy the schooling systems too much) I get to go on field trips for the next month. (Apparently NC law states that everyone must have at least 9 months of schooling if  they are under sixteen....
So, to get to my point, I'm going to the museum, and more importantly the museum with that new wing, tomorrow. YAY


  1. Oooo I have seen the new alice and wounderland, and it is quite creepy, get some pop corn and a lot of pillows...

  2. OK!
    Just had my dad put o Netflix....But he took some coaxing...