Monday, May 28, 2012

I'M BACK, but my hands are sad...

Just got back yesterday from the first goat show of the year, and man am I exhausted. Well, not really my whole body, just my hands. Carrying water buckets, milking goats by hand, and just generally showing my own goats and helping just about everyone else with theirs is bound to give you some blisters. My goats did OK, the highest that they all got was second. ( I took Chad, Clarissa and Zim.).....No more to report, My friends weren't there.... Oh yeah I got 31 bucks and a bar of soap. I got the $11 for first place in the goat fitting contest, and $20 and a bar of soap (that, might I add, smells really, really good.) from this one couple that I helped a lot. They were very generous.

Also, I am reorganizing my room. I have been meaning to do this for a while now, but I recently acquired a book from the library about Feng Shui and so that gave me a relatively good reason to do it. I just took down my giant collage.....I post a before and after picture tomorrow...or so...
That's all I can stand to use my worn and blistered hands for.


  1. Awesomeness! 31 bucks?!!!! you kidding! WOW. Waht are you gtoing to DO with all of them? eat them? show them? what?

  2. I...Have just used the worst wording in the history of the history of wording EVER
    I meant to say 31 dollars....I am so befuddled brain is no match for logic these days...

  3. XD right, duh, if I had been talking to someone else who did not have goats I would ahve thoght of money XD