Thursday, January 5, 2012

Update #3

Whadoya'll think of the new look? I like the background, but the words are a little hard too read.... I'm working on that. My room is now officially super-clean, and I will post a pic soon. (It's still on the camera). I had a great Christmas and a fudge-filled New Year. I got a bunch of books and CDs (exactly what I wanted) and about 8 pairs of fuzzy socks...While I like fuzzy socks, I am sad that most are pink. :(. I also got a traditional sized Percheron horse from my brother. In a word, it's AWESOME. I am no longer taking piano lessons … :( (we don’t have enough money for it)

OH OH I am going to Greece this July! I know they cancelled it last year but for sure I am going this year!!!! We will be spending about a month there!!! I am so excited!!!! :D :D :D :D BOOYAH!!!!!!!!

Well that's it for now.......



  1. is it a REAL or TOY horse??


  2. Oh sorry...It's a toy... I forgot to say "Breyer" which is a brand of toy horse. They are generally expensive.

  3. Awesomeness! I love the new look, but yes the words are a little hard to read. Also YES I LIKE PIE!!! HOW DARE YOU THINK I DONT!!!! :P