Saturday, January 7, 2012


I has a sad. Let me start form the beginning. I have a Great Aunt Kathleen who lives in Texas. She is in her 90's. She not only recently had Cancer surgery, but the 3 close family members who were looking after her all died within the past year. Thus, my Grandparents (the ones with the goats) are going up to her house for a week or so after they come back form Florida. They will be going to Florida at the end of January to early February. My mother will most likely fly down to Texas to be with Aunt Kathleen as well. The problem? It's over my birthday. I know this must sound selfish, but I had high hopes for my 14th birthday. Ever since I was little I told myself: "That's when I will be a big girl".(Don't ask me why). It was also going to be the first birthday in years that I spent with people other than my family. Since it's usually on a school day and I'm home-schooled, It's not exactly my most social situation. Also I always have lunch at this one restaurant. The food isn't my favorite, but they have FANTASTIC ice cream, and a HUGE amount of different flavors. However, I will not be able to go this year because my dad will be at work until sometime after four. My brother is my last chance, but not only is he family, he also will most likely have college at lunchtime and/or will not have enough money for it. (unless he can get it out of my dad.) I feel selfish, but my mom did ask if it was OK she went away on my birthday. I thought about it and decided that this could be the last time they get to see Aunt Kathleen. It was important she go. I will have a lonely birthday, but at least Aunt Kathleen will have a Happy Groundhogs day...


  1. I'm so sorry,
    in 2010 (my 13 birthday) my great grandma died the DAY AFTER MY BIRTHDAY :(
    they had been planing something for me (even though I had no idea what) and we were going to celebrate my birthday a few days after, but my mom had to go to TN and missed the whole thing, I was so upset,
    but I lived,
    I'm soooooo sorry :(
    you should spend your birthday here!!!!!


  2. Oh, I'm so sorry about your great grandma!

  3. ya,
    it was sad :(
    but we all knew it was coming, for a long time,
    it was still really hard though :(