Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I have bad news.........Seamas(pronounced shae-mess), my cat, died this morning.He was 16 years old, so it's no surprise, but it's still sad. I have known him all my life, since we got him before I was born. He was pretty much my first best friend. If he wanted you to pet him he would lick your feet. And if he liked how you were petting him he would lick you more. He was a pleasant nuisance......I'll miss him being there every morning to mew at me and lick my feet.

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  1. I am very sorry to hear that, CRO. My cat Olive died last year, her was 14teen (I think) and I had known her all my life. She was a very cranky cat.
    I really miss her, so I know how you feel.