Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I GET TO GO TO THE WV STATE FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AYAYAYAYAYYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The West Virginia State Fair is the AWESOMEST FAIR EVAH.
No really, THe WV Fair is big and full of rides and animals(including goats) but it feels small and homey. It doesn't feel as dangerous or cluttered as NC State fair.Plus, we are very near the animal races(pig, horse, dog)as well as the bunny cages(yes, bunnies). The only bad part is that none of my Goat friends will be going........*sadness*oh well. anyways, I will be showing goats until Sunday. I'm leaving tomorrow morning.I clipped Zim yesterday, o now she looks all nice and smooth.One of the best things(sorry) about showing goats is the prize money. They give a LOT of it out. and I am entered in several classes. That should help with college.
anyways, I''m eating a Ritz cracker right now and enjoying it immensely.

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