Monday, August 29, 2011

at the WV state fair, Zim(my goat, in case you had forgotten) and I did pretty good....
I won Shomanship, and Zim got first in her class and 5th in Udder show. Also, my dreaded cousin Aaron tagged along and I found myself hating him immensely. Guess what? It was so cold we both got to sleep in the truck, and in case you didn't know, Aaron(I also call him powder monkey and Skunk boy, but I am too lazy to explain why) Anyways, Powder Monkey here farts in his sleep. And snores. Fun.I was lucky though, because one my friends did come! Although Ryan came with his big brother who was showing cows, He will probably be at the State Fair showing Alpines.
Well, that's about it.........oh yeah, Happy Birthday to Lora, who doesn't look at this blog very often but her 13th birthday was on Saturday.

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