Monday, May 30, 2011


Today I will post everything I have been meaning to post for sometime.

#1 : The pictures I have attached. Look at them. the cat is my warriors cat character, Wildshadow. Isn't the unicorn funny!?
#2 :Recent news. I just got back from a goat show. My goats didn't do as well as usual. My best goat friend moved to Virginia so I was deathly bored half the time.
#3 POST COMMENT ON YOUR QUIZ ANSWERS ALREADY yeah, I am very tired and hot which makes me angry sometimes. that is why pools are good. Take it there.
#4 My answers to the quiz. I am a "combination color" so first I will give you the separate color descriptions, then the combination descriptions. The first one is blue. here goes. OH and when it says "in power" and "out of power" it's basicly referring to good and bad moods.Also, everything in the parentheses I slipped in there.


Blues are some of the most loving, nurturing and supportive personalities of the life colors. They live from their hearts and emotions. Their purpose for being on the planet is to give love, to teach love and to learn they are loved. Their priorities are love, relationships and spirituality. Blues are constantly helping others. They want to make sure everyone is loved and accepted. People will constantly turn to blues for comfort and counsel. Blues will always be there for them. They constantly provide a shoulder to cry on. They themselves can cry at the drop of a hat. They will sometimes cry for no reason at all. People with other life colors may have a difficulty understanding the blues intense emotional personality. It is their capacity for such emotional depth, however, that makes blues so warm, compassionate, and caring. They are capable of deeply understanding the feelings of others. Blues’ greatest talents are the abilities to give unconditional love and their intuition. People love being around blues who are in power because then Blues radiates love, acceptance, and forgiveness. Blues look for the good in people. They will give everyone many second chances. No matter what mistakes people make, Blues will love and forgive them. This behavior often earns them the reputation of being a doormat. They are often accused of being too nice. People can easily take advantage of their unselfish and endlessly giving nature. One of the hardest lessons is learning to say no.( I have already learned that thanks to my brother, but it used to be hard) They are afraid that if they say no, the other people will feel unloved and rejected or will not love them in return. Blues must learn that saying no to people doesn’t mean they are saying Blues don’t love them. Blues have very intuitive personalities. They know things. There are often no facts or reasons to support what they know; they just feel it to be true. They can meet someone and sense if someone is upset or unhappy(that is true of me).they can think about someone they haven’t seen in a long time and that person will call a few minutes later. Blues need only to ask themselves calmly and the answer will become clear to them. The challenge for blues is learning to trust what they hear inside and not over analyze it( I over analyze everything).Blues operate primarily through intuition. They do this so often that they will often use the phrase “it just feels right”. When Blues are in power, people trust them. They know the blue would never do anything to hurt them. Blues will give up valuable time and energy to help a friend in need. These sensitive, caring individuals are also the perfect hosts. Also, during conversation they will make sure everyone feels included. Blues are good givers, but not good receivers. They even have trouble receiving compliments(it just feels bad). Because they do not want to bother or inconvenience anyone, they have trouble asking for help(I ask for help, though.). Sometimes they become incredibly overworked and overwhelmed with responsibilities and with volunteering all their time. Blues are the ultimate doers—They feel people love them because they buy them gifts or work hard for them, rather than because they themselves are lovable people. One of the blues greatest lessons to be learned is that they are loved just the way they are, not for what they do. Blues want deeply to be loved, but often doubt they are loved. They frequently doubt their self worth. Blues will even test people to see if they are loved. Blues want to be loved, but don’t believe they should have to ask for it. Because Blues are the loving and intuitive rescuers, They want to be loved and rescued when they are depressed. Because Blues know when someone else is upset and needs love, they expect that others know. However, not all life colors are as intuitive as the blues. Although Blues retreat into the bedroom and wait for someone to comfort and rescue them, others may not understand and may even resent being manipulated by Blues guilt-inducing behavior.

Enjoy that, because it took me a very long time to type.

See you later,


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