Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Panic 15

Ah, that panicky moment.
Tat panicky moment when you realize that you are going to be fifteen in less than a month, and then you realize that you are already fourteen, and then you realize that you're a teenager and you wonder "Where did my life go?!?!?"
I want to be three again!!!!!
Being three was great!!!
But alas, time moves.

On the upside, this will be the first birthday since I can remember that my birthday will be on a Saturday.
I feel like I should do something special because of that.....
but what?
Doing special things to celebrate myself is not really how I usually roll.

I wanna be three again...



  1. Saturday birthdays are the best!! When's the date? I must remember to make you an awesome sauce card that will totally blow your mind or do something insane because you're just that awesome sauce.

    I wish I was three again too... Things were so much easier when we were tiny and adorable lumps of baby!

  2. The date is February 2nd.
    Groundhogs day really should be a National Holiday....
    Aw.....:3 You don't have to do anything.......


    1. I must! Tis you! And you're awesome sauce, and I haven't seen you in a while and I want to do something spazzy to celebrate your b-day, even if it is a random e-card, video, or something. You deserve it!

  3. Awesome!

    are you excited to be fifteen??
    sometimes I wish I were three, then others I am so glad I a not!

    I'll try to call you on your big day!