Monday, August 20, 2012

I just got back from the West Virginia State Fair, did pretty well...
Zim got 1st and Curly got third....
My friends, Ryan and Myra, weren't there..... :(
However, Aaron, my cousin, did come, as we knew my friends wouldn't be there and I didn't want to be completely lonely.
But I didn't enjoy hanging out with Aaron the whole time.
So much that I was forced to be outgoing.
So much that I was forced to make friends with someone else named Aaron.
No, really.
There was a boy and his sister at the pens next to us, and they looked lonely, and the sister, Niki, who was 13, had won he costume class, so I went and congratulated her. And later, the brother, Aaron, who was 15, gave me a pair of concert tickets that they weren't going to use. The concert was really neat, although it was all christian music.....
Either way, we started hanging out, although Niki actually did have a friend to hang out with so we didn't hang so much with her.
So I made new friends :)

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