Saturday, March 3, 2012

Alright, Long story today to cover the last two days of my farm life:
It's started on February 28th, When Valerie(a seven year old doe known for having ill kids) started not coming in for dinner and just generally lying down all day. On March 1st, she started the kidding process. Unfortunately, by that evening she was clearly in pain, there was probably a dead kid inside of her and Annie( a doe a couple years old and never kidded) started kidding too. We had the vet sit with Valerie for a while and she didn't get much better. The next morning (Yesterday morning...It seems like a really long time ago) the vet, my mom and my grandma went down to have surgery on Valerie. So basically, they cut open her stomach and pulled the babies out. The doe was dead, but the buck was still alive (although very weak) and so we put him into the house to get warm. (As a side note, Annie and Valerie both have CAE. I'm not quite sure what it is, but it transmits through mucus and milk, so we had to separate the babies at birth anyways)As another side note, stitches, for some reason or another, creep me out. By the time Valerie's surgery was done, Annie was kidding. She had one little girl, and so we took her inside to feed her. We were sure that Annie was done kidding. We were wrong. Two hours later we came out and there were two dead babies. We don't know why they were dead. My mom and grandmother spent the rest of the afternoon with Valerie, who was not doing well at all. I spent the afternoon with the Kids. (The doe's name is Calamity Jane, since her mom was Annie Get your Gun and her grandma was Kiss me Kate. The Buck isn't named yet, but his name needs to start with a C. Farm tradition) Yesterday evening Valerie died. I suppose it's better than the condition she was in, but it's still not happy news... The Kids however will live ( as of yet; you never can tell with Valerie's kids). Well I guess that's all I have to say....I will post pictures tomorrow of Jane and the boy.

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  1. hmmm...I wounder why the 2 kids died...Very sad D: its always very sad when a older goats. Sorry to hear about it...